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Cummins 903 reliability

Ah the elusive diesel engine: power, strength and the raw horsepower to get the things done.

10 Best and Worst Diesel Engines in History

Ok we get it. Diesel is awesome but what diesel truck engine out there is truly the BEST? Cummins guys will fight until their dying breath that the Cummins 5. The debate is as old as Rudolf Diesel himself. Good thing someone else is willing to take the bullet for me. The guys over at Capital Remanhave given it their best shot to rank the Top 10 Best and Worst diesel engines of all time.

Cummins V903 engine specifications and manuals

This article is about what they came up with. Did they hit the nail on the head or completely miss the target on this one? You need to tow something these engines have got you covered. It is a favorite of fleet managers because they run forever, have great torque to power ratio and can actually be rebuilt right in the frame of the truck.

Number 5 seems fitting for the best diesel engine for the sheer number of units currently still on the road. Ford adopted the Powerstroke officially in but was unofficially in production starting in The predecessors were bigger 6 cylinders however an International bean counter decided it would be a grand idea to chop off 2 of the cylinders producing a 4 cylinder engine.

Best diesel engine? I think not. Why We Like It: Ruff!

cummins 903 reliability

Mack has always been known as a slow and steady workhorse. It produced its first hook and ladder fire engine inproduced over 6, trucks for the US and British Military during WWI and helped build the Hoover Dam in These are the engines that built America. The Mack E-7 was first produced in and lasted until the early 21st century.

They are extremely simple to overhaul and rebuild and do exactly what you need for them.

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Good on ya Mack! That and there only like 5 models. It is amazing how many people bleed yellow and rightfully so in most cases. There have been some catastrophic failures in the Caterpillar line of engines; the E is not one of them.

This was a very successful engine for CAT as it was really the first evolved electronic engine that was done right. This was such a great engine that the vast majority of Peterbuilt trucks in the mid 90s and 00s all had Caterpillar E engines in them. The ECM design was easy to work with and bread a following of programmers that were able to write a variety of software for the engine.

Even in the CAT E is still in millions of on-road and off-road applications across the world. Overall Caterpillar is the unofficial king of diesel engines and it deserves its place as number 3 on the best diesel engine list. It is extremely hard to time the fuel system and like the VW on the automotive side, working on the CAT requires special tooling you can only buy from Caterpillar.

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The CAT was engineered to be disposable. Albeit the was used in a wide variety of application including many marine applications the CAT and later the CAT C7 were arguably better models.A couple of years ago we started to notice that we were getting much more soot on the transom from the exhaust than we liked.

Then last year we started to see un-burned fuel on the water aft of the boat and coating the dinghy. Clearly all was not well even though the engine continued to start easily and run reliably, as it always had. We pulled the injectors and had them rebuilt. We pulled the injection pump and had it calibrated and rebuilt. Still the problem got worse. Then we started to lose top-end RPM, a sure symptom of loss of power.

Finally we did a blow-by test in which we measured the amount of gas pressure in the crank case. Oh-oh, off the scale. Either the valves were not seating properly or exhaust gas was blowing by the rings. But it was not to be. David, ace machinist at Billings Diesel and Marine, checked the cylinders for wear with a bore gauge and discovered that they were out of round.

Further, we had never overheated the engine and the oil samples that we had analysed at every oil change had never shown excessive fragments. A vague bell went off in my memory: When the engine was new we had a problem with fumes in the engine room. I measured blow-by at that time and had even written the result in an old log, which, miracle of miracles, we were able to find. The reading: 8 inches of water.

At the time, I had called Cummins North East CNEthe dealer that sold me the engine, to ask about this reading and was told that it was not a problem and that the maximum for a new engine was 12 inches. But the Cummins document we found last year seems to indicate it is not as clear as one would like that 3 inches is the maximum for this engine! All of the above leads to one inescapable, at least to us, conclusion: The engine was bored out of round when new—a lemon, pure and simple.

If any of our readers have an alternative explanation, please leave a comment. Even if that was not the case, this kind of problem at hours on a diesel engine that has always been meticulously maintained is just not good enough.

As we always do with this kind of post, we will offer Cummins and CNE the opportunity to comment. Learn About Membership.Discussion in ' Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ' started by barrollJan 28, Each company we work with has specific experience requirements for their drivers. In order for you to receive the best possible offers, please make sure your answers above are accurate prior to submitting.

Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Jan 28, 1. I've searched this forum, and a dozen others, and all I seem to find on this engine are complaints, annecdotes, and unrealistic numbers concerning a good buddy's souped up tractor with a nothing.

Any more general info on this engine? I've read that hours is a good interval for setting the valve lash clearance, but that's about all. Are there still any decent mechanical fuel pump shops around? I'd like to have mine gone through to get the seals and O-rings changed out for neoprene so I don't run into issues with biodiesel. Are there any big reasons I shouldn't consider having the springs and shims played with on the pump while its off the truck, other than premature driveline wear?

I'm not looking to hoon around at 80mph in my large car, but I've read they do a bit better on the hills with the extra power, and they can do a bit better on fuel if you keep out of it. Should I just go straight for the HP setting, or are the intermediate settings that would be advisable? Thanks in advance for your time to anyone that still knows anything about these engines.

Name Email Phone Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Jan 28, 2. I have done some work years ago. It's not an engine you see too often.

Cummins Diesel Engine, Problems, Take Two

I would set the overhead at around k miles or around hrs. That is a good overhead set interval for any mechanical cummins. Parts for this engine can be very expensive so I would avoid cranking the fuel too much. It's tough to find any fuel shop that will turn the fuel up beyond what the pump code calls for. All you can do is ask them to adjust to the high side of the spec.

Before you go turning it up go over all the basics first. Jan 28, 3. The truck only has 17, miles on an in frame, so hopefully I shouldn't be too far off from being able to think about turning it up. Does the standard shop manual cover the overhead settings? I've seen clearances vary from person to person. Also, would it be unwise to add a secondary fuel filter?

I've never felt comfortable with less than 2 filters going into a mechanical pump, and prefer having at least one on the return line. Last edited: Jan 29, Please Log in to join the conversation. Post: P.

Box Bayswater Vic.

Cummins 903

Updated 28th July. Index Recent Topics Search. Welcome, Guest. Username: Password: Remember me. Forgot your password? Forgot your username? Hi, I have a few problems with my in my acco, it is staving for fuel and am wondering if there are any tricks to bleed it. I see there is a bleed plug on pump is that all there is? I have check the fuel line from filter back to tank and tomorrow will check the line from tank to pump.

I have been told that there could be a gauze near the pump. Any suggestions to check. I have loaded up already for a show this weekend so need to fix quick. Glad problem started at home though. Cheers Paul. Re: cummins problems 16 Oct Been that long since I have been around a Does it show signs straight away or after running for awhile.

What do they have for a lift pump? Any signs of leaks along the fuel line? What does the fuel tank have for a breather? Not blocked? How new are your fuel filters? Breather clear, fuel line from tank tank to filter clear.What's really wrong with a Cummins VT? Posted By kblackav8or Last Year. Flat Ascending Flat Descending Threaded. There was reasons they were popular down here. Because those that matter And those that mind I think P.

Also I would imagine the 6. Yeah, the weight of a K with the power of an L10!. The Roots blower engines took care of the blower problem on speed shifts.

Detroit really didn't put much time or money into the series. Just sayin, if they had chose to put a bit more time and money into its development, it could have been a contender. It has a good rep in marine use, and was the power unit in a "Buddliner" rail car. I put a bid in on one once, but was out bid, I guess I didn't want it that bad. The small Cummins V engines were generally not a well regarded engine-Vs c.

Also a handful of small V6s-V c. I think the small V engines were all built in a Cummins plant in Darlington, England-originally set up as a Chrysler-Cummins joint venture. Geoff, I think the 6. Group: Administrators Last Active: 3 hours ago Posts: 4. The also did well in the articulated farm tractors. I'm with Geoff its downfall was market conditions.

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Chopped Liver, I've got my own rope thank you very much. Lucast remotedata.By kscarbel2November 16, in Trucking News. Providing high power density, it has four valves per cylinder, is turbocharged and air-to-water aftercooled, and has a low pressure common rail fuel system. In actual operations, the V powered Bradley has showed a combat readiness of over 95 percent — the highest of any armored vehicle in the history of the US Army. The V was originally developed for the on-highway truck and construction markets to meet the requirements for a lightweight, compact diesel engine in the hp range.

It went on to make its mark in other applications such as recreational and commercial boats, mining equipment, and farm tractors. The V began its life in the Bradley Fighting Vehicle in when Cummins upgraded the power level of the commercial truck engine from to hp with the addition of air-to-water aftercooling and upgraded fuel system.

The power boost was achieved using technologies developed for other Cummins products. Field performance of the hp engine confirmed this initial expectation. Very interesting. All I ever heard about em was negative.

Airxcel digital thermostat manual

Nice to see they weren't a bad engine after all. They were every bit as bad as you heard. This was a case of, "If all else fails, sell it to the government. They buy low bid no matter what". The Mack E9, as the French can tell you, was a far superior V8 powerplant for the military applications described. Seems like a testament on how well it was built. I know nothing about them just purely a speculative observation. The problems we face today exist because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by the people who vote for a living.

I wonder if it's just a case of the engines sucking at lower power levels and kind of came into it's own in the hp spec I dunno just curious because I always heard they sucked too. The military used lots of them to power boats the big problem with these is they were very easily damaged by over revving or overheating them.

I do believe light weight given high horsepower was a selling point for service in bulk transport tankers. And the experience was not good, although I have no specifics. Looking at all the comments on this thread however, that experience appears to be common. I think they were Cummins' answer to the h.

Flat torque curve, pull to 2, r. They did have a very nice sound to them. Cummins has had worse ideas I remember hearing the Cummins triple nickels that were in the versatile tractors were not well liked. I heard it was because the flywheel bolts were prone to breaking under a load and did so often. And we had a lot of V Cummins with Allisons -as well as a later version that I think were horse. They were previous to the triple nickel.

Between those engines and the early Allisons they were a nightmare. Because those that matter And those that mindBusiness reviews appear next to your listing in Maps and Search, and can help your business stand out on Google.

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cummins 903 reliability

From our Community Was this article helpful. Customer reviews play an important role in the success or failure of a business. In addition to boosting your online reputation, reviews can also be used to boost your visibility and authority online. That being said, they recently decided to do away with trusted stores in favor of a new type of review: verified customer reviews.

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cummins 903 reliability

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